SAP Web Portal

SAP Web Portal

Web application with rich functionality which acts as a customer or B2B portal for SAP Business One and which can be integrated into a Magento webshop.

It has many pages showing information directly retrieved from the SAP Business One database and allowing direct interaction with and manipulation of this data. A short list of its rich functionality:

  • a customer dashboard showing the most recent orders, orders pending approval, delivery status and outstanding invoices by default
  • management of order preference lists with which customers can very easily place and repeat orders
  • an order approval system based on budgets, credit limit and user authorization profiles
  • functionality for downloading documents as PDF files or exporting them as XML or CSV files
  • generating management reports realtime
  • … and much more.

The application contains many reusable user interface components that were set up as a new framework, like universal data grids with functionality for searching and filtering, column sorting and pagination. The menu structure and availability of pages and certain functionality is highly configurable using hierarchical or overlapping user authorization profiles.

The initial framework design and setup of the application and its reusable components was done by myself, as well as the implementation of many concrete pages, forms and wizards. It was a relatively large project which we took on under extreme scheduling contraints, and we managed to develop its first fully functioning version within three months.

Project type Professional
Employer Serac
Used skills Java, Google Web Toolkit, CSS3, AJAX, SQLServer, JDBC connections, SAP Business One, SOAP web services, Apache Tomcat
Timeline 2013, completed in three months
Size 50k lines of code